Our Conservation Reserve Program Services for Iowa Farmers 

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) offers many benefits to Iowa farmers. However, transitioning traditional farm lands into CRP-approved fields is a delicate process. You need to purchase the correct CRP seed that then requires specialized equipment to plant. Additionally, herbicide must be applied at the correct rate and timing to ensure a successful planting.   

FDCE offers a simpler solution: we take care of the entire process for you. We have our own CRP seed, herbicide, and equipment, all of the highest-quality, ready to be utilized on your lands. 

Thanks to CRP’s reimbursement rates, our services hardly cost you anything, and they save a significant amount of time and effort. 

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Benefits of Joining the Conservation Reserve Program in Iowa

The great thing about CRP is that it’s beneficial for both farmers and the state. As a farmer, you’re able to take land that’s either underperforming or that you no longer wish to farm and put it in a program that provides a consistent annual soil rental rate payment.  

Meanwhile, your state enjoys the ecological benefits that CRP provides. The grass and plant life used in CRP promotes pollination, reduces erosion, improves water quality, and provides wildlife habitat. 

Once your 10-15 year contract is up, you’re free to either turn the land back to farming or re-enroll in CRP. 

When you join the conservation reserve program in Iowa, everyone wins. 

We Make the Conservation Reserve Program in Iowa Simple 

conservation reserve program IowaThough CRP comes with many positives, it also has quite a few rules and restrictions. Failure to follow these properly can result in a poor CRP establishment and a lot of extra work on your end. That’s why we offer a full turn-key solution for the Conservation Reserve Program in Iowa. 

At FDCE, we handle the entire conversion process, from CRP seed purchases to herbicide application to no-till planting. We even assist with FSA reporting/invoice submission requirements. Our goal is for you to have the most successful CRP planting with as little work as possible. 

And since CRP reimburses much of the expenses associated with the establishment requirements, most of our service costs are covered by the program. Much like the Conservation Reserve Program itself, our services are a win-win. 

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