More to Offer Than CRP Seed Mixes

The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) offers many benefits to farmers and landowners. However, those who are joining for the first time quickly realize there are a lot of steps and requirements involved. Even if you’re an experienced farmer, the work is different, the equipment needed is unique, and you can’t just go anywhere to buy CRP seed mixes.

That’s why we offer a simpler way to enjoy the full-benefits of CRP without all of the work.

Where to buy CRP seed mixes

FDCE provides a full turn-key solution for transforming your land into CRP approved habitat. Not only do we handle buying and providing CRP seed mixes for you, but we also have our own equipment, herbicide, and 350,000 acres of experience in converting fields of all shapes and sizes.

We even handle the paperwork.

Not only does this remove virtually all of the work from your hands, but it provides you with better results than you’d likely achieve on your own. Best of all, since CRP programs cover a majority of your costs, our services are highly affordable, essentially paying for themselves in the long run.

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You’ll Never Have to Worry About Where to Buy CRP Seed Mixes

When landowners first enter CRP, they can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of work involved. On the surface, it might not sound too different from traditional farming, but once they get into the details, they realize it’s a very unique process.

With FDCE, all of the work is handled for you, from the purchasing of CRP seed to the planting to the maintaining of your lands.  Executing a successful CRP planting is a delicate balance. Everything we use is specialized for native grass and forbs projects, from our seed to our equipment.

Low quality or poorly cleaned seed can result in poor seed placement, poor germination and ultimately an unsuccessful planting, which is why we take care of purchasing the CRP seed for you and include it as part of our service to you. Our seed mixes are reprocessed to enhance purity and increase seed germination.  All seed is also tested for Palmer amaranth. 

Simply put, FDCE is the CRP solution you’ve been looking for.

Whenever someone signs up for CRP, one of the first questions they ask is “where can I buy CRP seed mixes”We think that’s the wrong question to be asking. A better question is “where can I get all of the benefits of CRP with no additional work”.

The answer is with FDCE. Contact us today!