Introducing All Native Seed – A Better Way to Purchase High-Quality CRP Seed Mixes

FDCE is proud to announce the launch of our CRP seed retailer, All Native Seed. With All Native Seed, CRP contract holders can easily find the CRP seed mixes they need for their particular practice. All Native Seed offers seed mixes developed by the NRCS, as well as our own NRCS-compliant seed mixes. 

Whichever type you choose, you can trust you are getting the highest quality CRP seed available. All of our seed mixes are reprocessed and have been tested for all pigweed species including Palmer amaranth to ensure purity and promote successful germination.  

To make things as convenient as possible, we offer multiple ways to purchase CRP seed mixes through All Native SeedClick here to visit the All Native Seed website and see what we have to offer. 

Why We Created All Native Seed 

Since 2003, FDCE has been helping farmers and landowners establish native grasses, forbs, pollinator habitat, and more for CRP practices across the country. While our full-service solutions have made it easy for our clients to convert their land to CRP specifications, not everyone needs or wants a full-service solution.  

However, every CRP contract holder needs approved CRP seed mixes. 

So, we’ve decided to offer everyone the same quality collection of CRP seed mixes we use for our FDCE customers. We’ve spent the past 16 years refining our seed mixes based on firsthand experience gained across 350,000+ acres of CRP.  

Not only do we test for weed seeds such as Palmer amaranth, but we also take into consideration seed needs such as stratification, scarification, and general seed cleaning to yield the highest rate of germination possible.  

All Native Seeds allows people to easily find and purchase the CRP seed mixes they need based on state and CP practice. If they need further assistance, they can connect with us through phone or email, and we’ll help guide them through the process, so they get the right mix to maximize their results. 

While FDCE will continue to provide all-in-one CRP services, All Native Seeds will serve as a convenient place where anyone can buy CRP seed mixes