Farmers shaking hands. customer choose FDCE for Conservation Reserve Program

Top 3 Reasons CRP Landowners Choose FDCE

Each year, FDCE conducts a customer survey to gain feedback on the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) services we provide. For our 2021 survey, we were thrilled to receive overwhelmingly positive results. Over 82% of our customers reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with our services, while 85% of respondents stated they were likely or very likely to recommend FDCE to others. To better understand our customers’ needs, we asked for feedback on which services FDCE customers liked the most. Here, we’ll list the top three reasons why landowners and farmers said they chose FDCE for their CRP establishment services.

1. Full service including seed, planting, and herbicide

CRP establishment can be a complicated endeavor. Once a landowner signs up for the program, they are required to plant specific seed mixes including grasses and wildflowers and given a conservation plan from the government to follow. This plan and the program’s required contracts include lots of documentation that can be difficult to understand. For busy farmers and absentee landowners, filling out paperwork and figuring out the correct establishment practices can be a complicated process. FDCE provides full-service CRP establishment services including seed, planting, and herbicide assistance. This saves customers from having to hunt around for different companies to provide these services and instead offers a one-stop shop for CRP establishment. FDCE will help you determine what to grow, provide the required seed mix, and utilize top-of-the-line equipment to no-till plant your project. Additionally, we offer custom herbicide application, and will fill out the required paperwork for you. With one phone call, FDCE can do it all.

2. Invoice production packet submitted to FSA for you

One of the hallmarks of our CRP service is our proprietary invoice production packet that we have created to save our customers’ time and help them receive their reimbursements faster. To get reimbursed for the cost of their CRP practice, participants must submit receipts and seed tags to validate that the right amount and species of seeds were used in planting, as well as identify the proper government rates and component codes for services provided. All of this can be difficult for participants to navigate, and if not done correctly, can delay reimbursement. FDCE has developed our own invoice production packet that makes submitting reimbursement paperwork simple and easy. We will fill out the information and submit the packet to the FSA for you, saving you time and potential frustration. Our invoice packets have condensed the required paperwork from 50-60 pages or more to only 3-5 pages submitted electronically, allowing for faster processing and quicker reimbursements.

3. Customer service

At FDCE, customer service is a top priority, and that was reflected in our survey response. We’re proud to say our customers identified high satisfaction rates with our sales team and field staff customer service. We understand that enrolling in CRP can be intimidating, so we aim to provide the best possible guidance from start to finish. From taking orders and figuring out contract specifications on the front end, to executing our establishment services with our professional, experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we strive to offer exceptional customer service every step of the way. Throughout our partnership with our clients, we make sure to continuously stay in touch, sending mowing reminders and following up on invoices regularly. Our customers know that if they reach out to us with any questions or concerns, they will get a prompt response from a real, friendly staff member, not a machine. With nearly 20 years of experience, FDCE has earned the trust of our customer base to provide high-quality conservation services from beginning to end. We’re appreciative of our customers’ feedback and are working every day to uphold our reputation as a top CRP service provider. Considering working with FDCE to begin your CRP establishment process? Request a free quote to learn more about how we can help turn your land into a successful CRP project today.