Conservation Reserve Program Sign Up 2022

Reminder – Sign Up for CRP by March 11!

If you’re planning to enroll in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) this year, be sure to submit your application soon! This year’s deadline to apply for General CRP is March 11, 2022.

By enrolling in the program, landowners and farmers can establish conservation practices on their land to protect vulnerable soil from erosion, enhance water quality, and preserve wildlife habitat. Contracts are offered for 10- or 15-year terms, ensuring long-term climate benefits, conservation of land, and revenue opportunities.

Landowners can contact their local USDA center to apply to CRP. The USDA website also provides additional information and resources about the different CRP programs and initiatives offered.

Interested in applying to CRP in 2022? With almost 20 years of experience working with CRP, FDCE can help you navigate the application and enrollment process. We understand that applying to CRP can be challenging and time-consuming, so we offer services to help make the process easy. Reach out to our CRP professionals at FDCE today to learn more.