Utility Scale Solar Panels

Solar Panels and Pollinators: A Bright Future for Our Pollinating Friends

The urgency transitioning towards renewable energy sources has never been more apparent. Solar panels have emerged as a leading solution in this endeavor, harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean electricity. However, the benefits of solar panels extend beyond combating climate change; they also offer unexpected advantages for our pollinator friends.

Pollinators in Peril:

Pollinators, including bees, butterflies, hummingbirds play a critical role in our food supply and the health of our ecosystems. They facilitate the pollination of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, ensuring the production of countless crops that make up a substantial portion of our diets. Unfortunately, pollinators face numerous threats, including habitat loss, pesticide exposure, and climate change, leading to population declines.

Solar Farms with Native Plantings:

Many forward-thinking solar farm operators have begun planting native wildflowers, grasses, and other pollinator-friendly plants around and beneath solar panels. These carefully selected plants not only provide food and habitat for pollinators but also help stabilize the soil and reduce erosion, contributing to healthier ecosystems.

Habitat Restoration:

Solar installations on brownfields or degraded lands can be transformed into pollinator havens. By restoring these areas with native vegetation and solar panels, we not only generate renewable energy but also breathe new life into previously neglected landscapes.

By incorporating pollinator-friendly land management practices, solar installations can also become sanctuaries for bees, butterflies, and other vital pollinators. This innovative approach demonstrates how addressing environmental challenges can have multifaceted benefits, offering hope for both a cleaner planet and the conservation of our essential pollinator friends.

FDCE specializes in Pollinator friendly utility-scale solar projects. We provide comprehensive services for establishing and maintaining your pollinator friendly utility-scale solar projects. These include:

  • Pollinator scorecard compliant seed mixes
  • Seedbed preparation (mechanical and chemical)
  • Planting services (pre-construction and in-pile)
  • Ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance

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