Supporting Local Hunting with CRP

We talk a lot about the environmental benefits of CRP and for good reason. Through CRP, farmers and landowners receive money from the government to take marginal land out of active production. They then establish native vegetation, which restores soil health, reduces runoff, and protects local water supplies. 

That alone would be worth enrolling in the program, but there’s another major benefit of CRP to factor in: the restoration of wildlife habitat. 

While many traditional farming practices have damaged or destroyed large areas of wildlife habitat, CRP helps restore them, allowing wildlife populations to flourish. Not only does this strengthen your local ecosystem and further improve the health of your land, but it can provide great sport for hunters. 

Why CRP is Good for Hunting 

CRP land consists of native vegetation that, outside of some weed control, is allowed to grow wild. This makes it the perfect place for wildlife to thrive. The type of wildlife you draw depends partially on the CP (conservation practice) that you’re enrolled in. 

Wetlands provide a great home for ducks, as well as pheasants. Grasslands can also provide shelter for pheasants and is notable among hunters for drawing in deer. 

Studies have shown that white-tailed deer occur more frequently and in higher numbers in areas where CRP is present. 

Native grasses and forbs grow tall and thick, providing the cover that deer seek to hide from predators. With the right seed mix, it can also provide great food sources for further incentive. 

If you’re a farmer or landowner who is also a hunter, CRP is a perfect way to improve the health of your land while also establishing a great hunting ground in your backyard. Even if you’re not a hunter yourself, it can provide you with the opportunity to allow others to hunt there. 

First, however, you’ll need to select the right practice to enroll in, as well as the right seed mixes to establish. If you’re wondering who you can hire to help plant CRP, we’ve got you covered. At FDCE, we offer turn-key CRP solutions that help you all the way from enrollment to the submission of paperwork and reporting for cost-share reimbursement. With over 360,000+ acres of CRP experience, we know what it takes to successfully establish CRP. 

Allow us to handle the busywork so you can enjoy the benefits.